Elle Rollinz
The Independent Urban Fantasy Writer


It was a dark and stormy night...(lol)Hi everyone, my name is Elle Rollinz and welcome to my site. I am many things by day including a Mother, wife, and full-time employee.  There is just one more thing on that list that I have to add, and that is I am also a writer. I write when ever and where ever I can literally.

I have been writing for as long as I can remember, writing has always been my first true love., I think we first met in grade school and have been on and off sweet hearts ever since. I have boxes filed to the brim with my thoughts on various pieces of paper that I have collected over the years. A year or two back, with much coaxing from my hubby and a very special friend; I embarked on telling a story. A story that had been waiting to be born.  A story that had been living inside me for years. It is only now that I have the courage to bring my secret world to life through the pages of a book.

I am still in the process of writing, so I can not reveal any of the juicy bits just yet.  But please return to my page for updates and progress reports. Oh and by the way I hate writing bio’s about myself, I find them pedantic and rambling. It makes me feel quite awkward in fact, so I will stop here.



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