Elle Rollinz
The Independent Urban Fantasy Writer

Dear Kat

Okay, so I don’t really want to run this blog in a conventional manner or like every other blog you may come across in the great wide cyber space.  An idea struck me while I was in bed, often some of the best pieces of personal writing are found in letters. Letters to friends, letters to strangers, the bottom line here is, we all remember letters, at least some of us do. It is after all the godfather of the email and text message.

So I have decided that my blog posts will be “Dear Kat” letters.  The Kat in question is the lovely and talented Kat Von D, successful and uber talented tattoo artist and accomplished business woman of course! Like y’all didn’t know that. This may sound completely nuts to some but to me, obviously not so much since I am basically telling you that I’m going write my blog this way.

What will I tell Kat in my letters you may ask?  Well I just don’t know right at this very moment but I’m sure I will think of something.

Stay tuned ….



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