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“Dear Kat”- Here’s The Skinny On My Book Red

Jessie  is a ordinary girl, that is until she meets Shay. Jessie embarks on a journey a transformation of epic proportion that will forever change her life and relationships as she knows it, an awakening of body and mind. How will she cope with the choices she is faced with?  What would you do if  the big bad wolf knocked on your door?”

So I’ve been feverishly typing away at my laptop and it struck me that I have not shared the synopsis of my book with anyone so here goes Kat.

Werewolves have always been my favourite “monster” if you will. The only problem is most of the time the portrayal of these fascinating creatures has been pretty darn awful. The whole rabbit dog, ugly hairy brainless beast cliché has been beaten to death already. Oh sure vampires have had a good run, so its time to move over you blood sucking book hogs, witches too, even the zombie has seen a revival and a growing fan base with such classic comics as the Robert Kirkman’s series The Walking Dead. But my beloved werewolves have not  been given a fair shake thus far. So I intended to set out to right that wrong, hence my first book ever which is entitled RED.

I wanted to put a new spin on an old idea, so for the last two years I have written and re-written page after page of what will be my first published book paying homage to THE BEST bad guy around.  Red is a book full of my blood, sweat and tears, well maybe not really blood but definitely tears. I hope to show the depth of character a werewolf can have, not just an aggressive violence for violence sake slasher tale. I want to push my creative boundaries and by doing so hope that you will enjoy my girls as much as I have enjoyed penning them.

In the course of the past two years I have developed quite the crush on my protagonists, and to me they are extremely real. This novel is embedded into my heart and my greatest hope for it at the end of the day is that it excites and interests the readers who choose to take the time to get to know RED.

                                                ———- ELLE ROLLINZ ———-


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